Friday, July 18, 2008

Colorado History

Colorado history has always facsinated me. I love to devour a colorful history book on this state and imagine what the people were like and how they survived without our modern conveniences. The tragic stories along with the triumphant ones fill my mind with writing ideas.

When I suffer from writers block, a history book will get the creative juices flowing again. I've even named some of my characters after people I've read about and enjoy creating several generations of a family for my stories.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Yielding to God

Writing is one of my heart's desires. But time management has always been an issue for me. Too many things vie for my time.

As I pour out my heart to God, He is so faithful to meet me in my struggles. I believe He has given me the desire to write and will help me make time as I yield to Him.

Early morning seems to be my best time to write. The house is quiet and my thoughts are fresh with the start of a new day.

The writing resume, essay and first two chapters of "A Healing Refuge" are coming along nicely. I plan to submit them to Christian Writers Guild soon.

After a few rest stops, my writing journey is back on track.