Tuesday, October 16, 2007

NaNo 2007

Well, I did it. I started planning for NaNo 2007. I've participated the last two years and had a blast! This opportunity is too good to pass up.

I'll be making a few preparations before November 1st. I want to improve/change my storyboard. And I want to add the novel elements to a recent mapping assignment and use it as a "blueprint" for my story.

If I experience "writers block", I will: 1) re-read "Rekindled" by Tamera Alexander. I love that book and it definitely gets me in the "writing" frame of mind. 2) Read the archived chats at Inspired Author for more writing inspiration.

NaNo starts in two weeks and I am already pumped!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Getting My Focus Back

I've been on this writing journey a long time. I need to get my focus back.

I love the whole concept/storyline of "A Healing Refuge" and it's up to me if it gets written.

So what am I waiting for? I definitely need to sign up for NaNo in November.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

How Do You Handle New Ideas?

Someone in my blogging community raised this question recently.

If you have ideas for another project, how do you handle them?

Do you interrupt your current work in progress or do you store the ideas for later?

It was a timely question for me because I just had the same experience.

While watching the news recently, a story idea flooded my mind. I actually got excited about the prospect of starting a new project.

But then reality hit. My journey with "A Healing Refuge" has already been a long one. And I really don't want to take any more detours.

So I decided to create a Word doc and store the ideas for later. In the meantime, they will continue to simmer in the back of my mind.

I'd love to hear how you handle new ideas.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

How Should My Story End?

After writing 50,000 words of my story, I still don't have a good ending.

We were discussing endings in my Friday night writers workshop chat last week and I thought of a movie I saw recently. "Sorry, Wrong Number" was made in 1948 and starred Burt Lancaster and Barbara Stanwyck. The ending really surprised me.

Read about it here:
writing a good ending