Wednesday, November 07, 2007

And the Challenge Continues

I'm now at 15,371 words and very pleased. The story continues to flow and I'm over a quarter of the way to 50,000 words. I also have 8 scenes that are coming together nicely.

Keeping up with all the details of my story is a challenge. I've tried using a loose leaf notebook and also used colored index cards.

For this challenge I decided to use an Excel spreadsheet. At work we use spreadsheets for everything (I work in Accounting!) and it's a great way to track information.

Haven't written any words today....better get to it! :)


Sun Singer said...

I thought about NaNo, but then I thought, wow, what if I tell everyone I'm doing it and then end up with only a few thousand words.

You're keeping it going though, and that's great.


Margie said...

Hey Malcolm,

Thanks for stopping by! NaNo is going should try it sometime! :)